Unnamed Podcast Bonus Episode

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A bonus episode of the Unnamed podcast with special guest CSM candidate Roc Wieler.

Bonus Episode

Update on Full Circle

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No I havn’t given up on the story, yes I have most of it written, no I’m not posting it just yet… Its currently in the editing cycle, see I posted up part 1 way too quickly and upon reading it over i’m not quite happy with it, but whats done is done, I don’t like to edit my work once i’ve put it out there. so I’m taking my time with the next few parts to make sure they are really ready.


Unnamed podcast pilot episode

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Welcome to the Pilot of the unnamed podcast, this is only a temporary page until I can decide on a name for the damn thing. If anyone has suggestions they can leave it in the comments below or send them to dfyral@gmail.com

Music Used

http://www.myspace.com/trollbandhordes – Trollband

http://www.youtube.com/user/gregosvids – Greg Matheos

Links mentioned

http://www.isktheguide.com – ISK Guide

http://wiki.eveuniversity.org/w/index.php?title=Planetary_Interaction – Planetary Interaction Guide

If theres any that I missed let me know and I’ll add them.

P.S. I’m really not having good luck with links and websites today… I’ll try and get those hotlinks working properly later.

The Descent

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2 weeks later

The G-forces hit me like a hammer as my pod was thrown clear of my exploding ship. Fragments of the Garm VI spun past as I aligned to warp out of the area. My enemies lasers starting to peel through the cocoons soft shell. And into the even softer interior.

Moments later I woke up in a clone bay. The technicians had to chase after me in order to finish the diagnostics. (must have made for quite a sight though naked matari storming from clone bay to flight deck with flustered scientists frantically trying to keep pace)

Fifteen ships I’d lost in the past two weeks with nothing to show for it. And still no word from Kade. The mounting weight of despair was almost too much for me to handle. They say that there are three things needed to win a war. Manpower resources and drive. Without all three there could be no victory. Sitting alone in my rifter it felt to me as though my people had lost the third. Pilots we had aplenty but none seemed to have the drive or the desire to actually win.

Another ship gone. Another battle lost. This time I didn’t warp out. I floated alone among the wreckage the cloning systems deactivated. If my people would die by slow atrophy I for one did not want to be there to see it.

I felt a slow build up of heat. Then nothing.

An Open Letter

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Dear drunk people, I like you, no honestly I do, your the ones who keep me employed, and honestly dealing with you is a hell of a lot more fun than the other security jobs I work… although seriously your competition here is a brick wall, so granted i’m not setting the bar all that high. Still, your entertaining, your funny (although I suspect we’re both laughing for entirely different reasons) and some of you are actually really pretty cool.

But please, please, please, for the love of all that is good and holy in this world. Stop arguing, yes I know thats hard to do, yes I know that you believe you are in the right and I am in the wrong. Yes I’m fully aware that you are dead certain that you NEED that one last beer, but guess what, your not, i’m sober, your drunk, do you know what drunk does. it makes you fucking stupid.

I’m well aware that jumping on your friends back and is just some “friendly roughhousing” in your little world, but in the people sitting next to yous world, thats the third time some asshole knocked their beers. I’m well aware that the woman you where hitting on was “totally into you” but guess what dude, she didn’t think the same.

and I’m okay with that for the most part, I understand that alchahol helps you relax and not worry about shit, hell i’m a pretty big fan of it myself. but next time I come up to you and tell you to leave, or that your being stupid, or hell even that you should probably slow down on your drinking JUST LISTEN. believe me, I actually do have your best interest in mind, remember that thing I said about me liking you, yeah, I do and I don’t want to see you dead, or punched out, or vomiting all over the counter. My job is to look after you when your drunk, a drunksitter if you will. so stop trying to argue with me.

And if you don’t believe me then just look at it this way… When has fighting or arguing with the bouncer ever made things better? Really, just think about it, if i’m coming to talk to you then my decision has already been made, I don’t just walk up thinking “hey, y’know, I might want to kick him out, but i’ll figure that out later” no its been a process. and no amount of arguing, or haggling, or negotiating is going to change my mind. 99% of the time I don’t actually want to kick you out, so if I do its because things have gotten to the point that I HAVE too. and if it is that 1% where I DO want to kick you out… well then you got bigger problems.

Best case scenario, you do argue with me, and we do come to blows, and you do somehow happen to win… then what… congrats you won a fight with the bouncer, come on down and collect your prize, we have a lifetime ban, the disrespect and disgust of the entire bar staff, and as a special bonus, a brand spanking new assault charge. Don’t you feel happy you won?

Full Circle Part 1

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3 Months Ago

The heavy fall of boots on metal grating was barely audible over the constant whirr and clang of machinery. I liked it here, no one ever went into the bowels of a station unless something had gone wrong. Guess that’s why I was here too.

I’d been standing watching the machinery move for about an hour. Air recycling I figured, least that was my best guess only having shipboard systems to compare it too. When from behind me I heard the unmistakeable whine of a laser pistol activating. Slowly I raised my hands above my head tensing my body for action.

Spinning I knocked the gun away while pulling my blade and placing it against the mans throat. The hair on my arms was standing on end from the blast of high energy that narrowly missed me.
“Asshole, you had it fully charged!” I yelled at my attacker
“Of course I did.” he calmly responded “why would I go easy on you?”
“Give me a good reason I shouldn’t just slit your throat” I growled back at him.
The smile never left his lips… smug bastard.
“Cuz if you did that then who would you get to tattoo your pale ass every time you get yourself blown up hmmm?”
At this I finally broke down laughing, and after a quick embrace with my old friend headed back to his shop. If you could even call it that.

Marcus set to work replacing my tattoos (yes I could have them pre-applied to my clones but its just not the same) and the two of us began bantering back and forth, reminiscing about our time with the Valklears. It had been years since we had fought together. My time finishing when I’d been captured during an attack on an amarrian slaver compound and declared dead. His shortly after when a reactor malfunction (I’m still not convinced he didn’t cause it) allowed him to fake his own death… no one leaves the Valklears alive.

our talk eventually turned to the present day. I admitted to him that despite my rising through the militia ranks I was not at ease.
“Well who are your wingmates?” he asked.
“I’m a member of Kinda’Shujaa you know that” I responded, even more suprised because that was the tattoo he had just finished working on.
“No. That’s not what I ment. Who are your wingmates. Who do you fly with? Who’s got your back?”
His question left me speechless for several minutes.
“No one, I fly alone.”
We didn’t say anything more. We didn’t have too.

That night I plotted a course to the corporation office. Marcus was right, I had been spending too much time alone. I would soon fix that.

The following morning I took my faithful stealth bomber the Garm, out to the Dal offices. This was one of the main hubs for the war effort and if I was to connect with my fellow K’S brothers this would be the place to do it.

Entering the reception area it was obvious that something wasn’t right. The floor was covered in dust and many of the lights had burnt out, a far cry from the clean crisp office I had visited a year previous.
“Must have moved offices” I thought as I walked over to the central console and booted it up intent on finding where we where located now.

What I saw made my heart drop. Name after name of REpublic soldiers scrolled by. Beside each the ominous letters MIA. No wonder none of my distress calls had been answered, there was no one out there to hear them. A sudden wave of indignation washed over me, this was not right. We are Kinda’Shujaa, we are Ushra’Khan. how could we have fallen so far and had no one notice.

Upon returning home I sat down at my desk and penned an official communique to the Ushra’Khan elders. As well as one to Kade Jeekin our CEO outlining my desire to restore our name as one the amarr would fear.

The letters sent I contacted my factory manager.
“Jack, put the men on overtime I need ships and ammo, lots of it… we are going to war”

Inception is fun

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Hello again my friends. It’s been a while. No I haven’t died (at least not yet) nor did I stare into the eyes of cthulu and go mad (although it feels like it sometimes) no I simply fell prey to that most vicious of diseases, writers block. Well. Kinda.

Let me tell you a story. Well rather the story of a story (some major inception shit right there). About three months ago I began working on another of my normal entries. You know short little pieces of fiction through which I explore whatever it is that’s pissing me off that day.

For some reason though I just couldn’t finish it and I wasn’t sure why. I worked at it and worked at it. Scrapped more versions of it than I could count and yet I just couldn’t finish it.

This has happened before. So I tried to just put it down. Call it an aborted story and move on. But I just couldn’t let it go.

And then one week ago I had a eureka moment. The reason I couldn’t finish it was because it was just the first part of a larger story. In that instant the pieces fell into place and the full vision appeared.

I have since finished part one and will post it tonight with the remainder coming over the next few weeks so stay tuned.

It’s good to be back.

Warriors code #18

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Anyone who says words don’t hurt, has obviously never been beaten with a bible.

Warriors code #17

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It took years to get into the shape your in, how can you expect that to change overnight?

Entitlement is BULLSHIT!

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Sometimes I simply cannot believe people. What is it that seems to make people believe they are entitled to anything. Hell even the ability to walk is not a guaranteed “right” neither is the ability to breathe, try asking a born paraplegic or severe asthmatic if you disagree with me. So why is it that so many people who are already blessed with functioning lungs and two perfectly good feet (and as is more often than not the case a rather impressive list of… ahem… Assets.) Think that somehow they are entitled to more than that?

This comes up because of something that happened recently. I was planet-side, going to pick up some cologne since I’d recently run out. and as I’m in the store this young Gallente woman wearing clothing that could give an Ammarian a heart attack at 50 paces (not something I would ordinarily complain about mind you) Comes in, walks down the perfume Aisle and starts to spray herself EVERYWHERE with one of the sample bottles. I don’t know what she was even thinking putting that much on but the cloud of fumes was enough to make me start coughing from the other side of the display. Although I did get a couple nice views as she was spraying some of her more intimate areas.

Anyways I digress… here she is damn near taking a shower in the stuff and the store security guard walks up, Matari, shaved head, boots properly polished, no nonsense kind of guy. and politely tells her that the perfume is for SAMPLING not bathing in and walks away. The woman, not content to leave it there not quite under her breath starts insulting the guard and saying that since she spends “thousands of credits” in the store she is entitled to a “little perfume”.

Now mr security guard turns around and storms towards her, I’m honestly half expecting him to throw a punch and maneuver myself so I can block it if he does… she may have been annoying but thats still no reason to hit a lady. Instead he walks up, takes the perfume out of her hands and orders her from the store. when she protests he rather firmly tells her she can either leave and come back another day to make her purchases or she can leave and be banned for life.

A bit extreme… possibly… but in my opinion he had a point. we arn’t entitled to ANYTHING that we don’t earn. and if we start trying to act like we are life is going to find a way to remind us of that. Personally I think that sometimes we could all use a run in with our own personal “Security guard” just to bring us back down to earth.

Now if you will excuse me, I need to go and stretch my fully functional legs and breathe deep with my working lungs for a bit.